Statement of Condition

The Bank of Commerce Statement of Condition

Condenced Statement of Condition
At the Close of Business
December 31, 2020

Resources Dollar Amounts
Cash and Due from Banks $10,457,000.00
United States Bonds, Other Bonds and Warrants $10,761,000.00
Federal Funds Sold $859,000.00
Loans and Discounts $17,219,000.00
Banking House and Equipment $881,000.00
Other Assets $1,364,000.00
Total $41,541,000.00
Liabilities Dollar Amounts
Deposits $38,065,000.00
Other Liabilities $45,000.00
Capital Stock $400,000.00
Surplus $400,000.00
Undivided Profits and Other Reserves $2,631,000.00
Total $41,541,000.00